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Orderly Outcomes Consulting
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about me

I have always loved order and organization, a trait I feel that developed in my early childhood years.  As the first born in a family of four girls, I took my older sister responsibilities very seriously.  Throughout my 30 year career in the oil industry, one of the words people consistently used to describe me was “organized”.  I also love helping people and I always felt such satisfaction when I could help someone out at work with a particular project or a personal matter.  When I left the oil industry, I decided to embrace my inner organizing tendencies and desire to help others and venture into the world of Professional Organizing!

My professional organizing and consulting services focus on transforming physical spaces, digital spaces, and data into something organized, efficient, valuable, and orderly. I work with businesses, home offices, and residential clients to create order in their spaces and lives.

I am a Trained Professional Organizer with the Professional Organizers in Canada and a lifetime member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.

As a wife and mother, I know how challenging it can be to maintain a household and family schedule while working outside the home. I have the experience and empathy required to help you develop and implement processes and systems that work to maintain order and organization for your family and home.

I have comprehensive technical and business experience which includes business analysis, geophysical processing and interpretation, Acquisition and Divestiture, process improvement and project management. I have a demonstrated ability to work under pressure with multiple teams and tight timelines to generate excellent results. In addition to my organizational skills, I also have strong communication, leadership and interpersonal skills.

I would be very pleased to assist you with creating order in your business, home office, or other home spaces. I live near Cochrane and serve Calgary and surrounding areas. Please contact me for a free one hour consultation session and let me help start creating order in your life!


Debbie White, President and Owner, Orderly Outcomes Consulting Inc.

Debbie White, President and Owner, Orderly Outcomes Consulting Inc.


my Services


I can help your business by:

  • designing and organizing physical work spaces so they are efficient and pleasant to work in.

  • improving your business processes and systems so your business runs more smoothly.

  • answering a question about your business through analysis of data or material.

  • assisting with organization of financial or income tax documents.

  • creating filing systems (physical or digital) so that you are able to maintain and locate documents.

Home Office

I can work with you to organize your home office by:

  • designing and organizing your home office space so it is more efficient and appealing to work in.

  • organizing your filing system.

  • assisting with organization of financial and income tax documents.

other home spaces

I can work with you to create processes and systems to help you with organization in the home. For instance:

  • creating a calendar system to ensure you’re on top of the family schedule.

  • creating a system for organizing and paying bills.

  • designing a home filing system to keep the paper in check.

  • designing a digital filing system for your computer

  • creating organized and pleasing closets and pantries.

  • assisting with preparing a home for sale

  • creating a system and storage solution for photos (physical and digital).

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Free one hour initial consulting session

$60 hourly rate

$400 daily rate (8 hours)


customized based on project



Cell number: 403-819-0995

Email address: orderlyoutcomesconsulting@gmail.com

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