50 Things to Get Rid of Clutter Right Now

50 Things to Get Rid of Clutter Right Now

Did you start out the new year resolving to tackle and get control of your clutter this year? How are you doing so far? We are nearing the end of January and for some of us, it is becoming difficult to keep our newly set goals of a clutter-free life a priority.

The hardest part of tackling clutter is getting started. It can be very daunting to look at the clutter in your home and not know where to start.. Here are 50 suggestions for things that you can get rid of right now. This will help you to feel like you’re making progress and may motivate you to keep going.

50 Things to Get Rid of Clutter Right Now!

  1. Expired food in the fridge and pantry
  2. Old spices
  3. Mismatched plastic containers
  4. Worn out or stained dishcloths and dish towels
  5. Cookbooks you no longer use
  6. Chipped mugs
  7. Kitchen utensils you no longer use
  8. Kitchen appliances you no longer use (eg. bread maker, juice)
  9. Excess mugs and other dishes
  10. Restaurant sauce and sugar packets
  11. Restaurant plastic utensils
  12. Cleaning supplies you no longer use
  13. Dead houseplants
  14. Expired medication
  15. Old nail polish
  16. Expired sunscreen
  17. Worn out bathroom towels
  18. Old makeup
  19. Hotel shampoos, conditioners, body lotions that are partially full or you won’t use
  20. Hair products you no longer use
  21. Takeout menus
  22. Manuals you no longer need or can find online
  23. College textbooks
  24. Old magazines you aren’t reading
  25. Books you are finished reading
  26. Expired coupons
  27. Receipts
  28. Catalogs
  29. Flyers (if you may want the info, take a picture of it)
  30. Dried out pens
  31. Dried out markers
  32. Children’s artwork (take a photo of it)
  33. Old cameras
  34. Cords you no longer have devices for
  35. Electronics you no longer use (eg. DVD players, phones, printers)
  36. Broken toys or games with missing pieces
  37. Children’s clothes and shoes that don’t fit anymore
  38. Worn out runners
  39. Stained or worn-out clothing
  40. Jewelry you no longer wear
  41. Unmatched socks or socks with holes
  42. Worn out underwear and bras
  43. Purses you no longer use
  44. Clothes you haven’t worn in a year
  45. Hats, mitts, gloves, scarves that no longer fit or are no longer worn
  46. Extra reusable tote bags
  47. Extra hangars
  48. Worn out sheets and blankets
  49. Luggage you no longer use
  50. Sports bags you no longer use

I hope this list will inspire you to begin your decluttering and organizing journey. As you find items to get rid of, decide if they should be trashed, donated, recycled, or sold (eg. garage sale, consignment, etc.) and put them into boxes you have designed as such. Then make sure you take the important step of actually removing them from your home, either yourself or via a service.

Please contact me if you have any questions. I would be happy to help!

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