A Simpler Christmas

A Simpler Christmas

For the first time in my life (over half a century), I won’t be putting up a Christmas tree this year. I LOVE Christmas so this is a big deal for me. I usually put up the Christmas decorations the first weekend of December and take them down after New Year’s. The reason I won’t be doing this is that we have decided to spend Christmas with our family that lives in California. We also won’t be celebrating a white Christmas (double whammy)!

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…

I have thought a lot about this and realize that it’s actually going to be freeing to not have the pressure of decorating the house and baking my usual assortment of cookies and squares. I am still transporting our tradition of everyone getting a stocking on Christmas morning, so I’ve had to do some extra packing and shopping for that. But I am actually feeling OK with not having to pull out all the boxes and spending half a day putting everything up and then spending a day or so taking it down.

This has got me thinking about future Christmases and how I can maybe simplify things a little. Maybe I can pare down the amount of decorations I put up. Maybe I can cut down on the amount of baking I do – honestly it’s just my husband and me until our son comes home from university. How much baking do we really need?!!

I could donate some of those extra decorations to someone who can’t afford much. That would make me feel good and would reduce the number of boxes I have in the storage room as well.

When we let go of some of those things that we think we need (but really don’t), we realize what is most important. Considering what I can let go of at Christmas has led me to think about what I can let go elsewhere in my home and my life.

So one Christmas that is breaking my traditional thoughts about what Christmas is to me has led me to think about so much more.

I have always felt that Christmas is about being with family and friends but this year I am living it. It is going to set me on a whole different path for the coming year – a path that is simpler and more meaningful.

-Debbie White, Professional Organizer

I challenge you to think about what you can let go of this Christmas – something that may not bring you as much joy as it once did. Not only will it simplify your holiday season, but it may set you on a path of simplifying other aspects of your life in the year to come.

I sincerely wish you a holiday season filled with joy and peace.

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