Frequently Asked


A Professional Organizer is a person who will come into your home or office and work alongside you to create customized solutions to optimize and increase the efficiency of your space, physical or digital files, or processes. A Professional Organizer will work with you to develop a plan that is unique to your situation and needs, implement the plan, and develop processes and systems to help you maintain things on an ongoing basis.

After the first one hour free consultation, I will develop a proposal, including a plan, with a Letter of Agreement. Once the Letter of Agreement is signed, we will begin the organizing. The actual work at the organizing session will depend on what is included in the plan.

In general, if we are working on organizing a particular area, we will begin by looking at all the items in the area to determine what to keep and what is no longer wanted. Also, there may be items in the area which actually belong in a different area of the home or office. Once this is done, storage spaces are wiped down and items can then be placed back into the area, optimizing the space and ensuring efficiency.

It depends! Definitely it is helpful to have a client there as part of the first session in order to ensure that I am organizing the space the way they desire. Some clients want to be involved at every step and others prefer to give instructions and then let the Professional Organizer carry out the work on their own. It totally depends on what you, the client, wants!

That depends on the scope of the project. Organizing an entire home will take longer than organizing a closet. In addition, it will depend on how many items there are to organize. Budget is also a consideration. I may leave “homework” for the client between sessions in order to stay within their budget.

They can be anywhere from 3-8 hours. Everyone is different in terms of how long they would like to work on organizing in each session. This will be something that is discussed at the free consultation and I will develop a plan that works for you.

Yes, I have both Commercial General Liability and Miscellaneous Professional Liability insurance. I can provide proof of insurance upon request.

Yes, absolutely. Everything that is discussed and any items or documents I view while working on your organizing project is completely confidential.

I can suggest a service provider or contractor that you can hire for any repair or cleaning project. I don’t sub-contract so the service provider or contractor would be hired directly by you.

I will provide this service for my clients if they wish. I will charge my regular hourly rate while shopping for supplies (including travel time).

Due to insurance considerations, I won’t transport unwanted items for my clients. I will, however, arrange for items to be picked up to donate to a local charity or bring to a landfill.

I require 24 hours notice of cancellation. If this cancellation notice is not given, I will charge my regular hourly rate for the length of the booked session up to a maximum of 4 hours.

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