Making the Best of Self Isolation and Social Distancing

Making the Best of Self Isolation and Social Distancing

We are all just starting to get our heads around the new normal of self isolation and social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It certainly has been difficult to focus on anything super productive over the last week or so amidst the changes the crisis has brought to our lives.

Hopefully, we will begin settling into some new routines over the next week or so. As we move into the stage of accepting our new normal, we can now begin to think about what we could be doing while we await the lifting of the restrictions on our lives. It may be tempting to spend a lot of time on Netflix but what a perfect time to get some things done around the house!

Let’s Talk About Making the Best of Self Isolation and Social Distancing

With spring upon us, many of us may be starting to think about spring cleaning. This includes decluttering and organizing.

Here are some ideas for things to tackle around the house so that you will be ready to enjoy being out and about and socializing again once we are through this crisis.

01 / Clean out your clothes closets and put anything you don’t wear any longer or that doesn’t fit into a bag to deliver to a clothes donation bin.

02 / Go through your linen closet and put any unwanted linens into a donation bag. Organize what’s left.

03 / Declutter and organize your kitchen drawers and cupboards.

04 / Declutter and organize the garage.

05 / Clean out under the bathroom sinks and get rid of any items you are no longer using. There is an organization in Calgary called Soap for Hope that may take any unwanted items.

06 / Clean up your email and computer files. Delete anything you don’t want and create a file system to store those emails and files you wish to keep.

07 / Delete any unwanted photos on your phone or computer. If you store your photos on your computer, create a file system for the photos so that you can find things easily. I also suggest backing up photos from the computer onto a flash drive or other backup system.

08 / Organize your physical photos. This can be a fun task for the whole family. You can go through photos that maybe your children haven’t seen before or that you haven’t looked at in a long time. If you have a scanner, you can scan your favorite photos and store them on your computer.

09 / Clean up your papers and physical files. Get rid of any paper that you no longer require.

10 / If you keep your books, sort through them and box up the ones you don’t want any longer. Give them to a friend or family member to read (especially during this time of social distancing, as we all have more time for reading right now!). Your local library or charity may also take them, so check that out once the crisis is over.

11 / Hang those pictures you have been procrastinating to hang! I know this is definitely something we need to do in our household!

Virtual Organizing

I hope this has given you some ideas as to how to productively spend some of your time while being isolated. If you are unsure of how to start on decluttering or organizing your space, please reach out to me through my website. I can do virtual organizing with you at a 50% discount from my normal rates to help you get started and my first 30 minutes are free.

But above all, please take care of yourselves. We’re all in this together and we will get through it together.