Home Organization

My professional home organization service involves a 3 Step Process and includes:

  • A FREE 1-hour consultation session
  • A customized organization plan
  • Shopping for organizing supplies within your budget
  • Email and/or text correspondence between sessions
  • Coordinating the hauling away of unwanted items to local charities or landfill
  • Follow up email or text 2 weeks after project completion
Orderly Outcomes Home Organization Services
Decluttering any area of your home
Creating organized and pleasing closets, pantries, kitchens & bedrooms, home offices
Estate downsizing
Preparing a home for sale and subsequent moving
Moving into a new home
Creating a system for organizing and paying bills
Designing a home filing system to keep the paper in check
Creating a calendar system to ensure you’re on top of the family schedule
Designing a digital filing system for your computer
Creating a system and storage solution for photos (physical and digital)

Residential & Business Organizing Packages

  • $65/hour in person
  • $600 10-hour in person package
  • $1100 20-hour in person package
  • $55/hour virtual

Office Organization

My business services include professional organization, process improvement, and data analysis and include the following:

  • A customized plan to achieve the desired outcome
  • Shopping for organizing supplies or office furniture within your budget
  • Email and phone correspondence between sessions
  • Coordinating the hauling away of unwanted items to local charities or landfill
  • Follow up phone call 2 weeks after project completion
Orderly Outcomes Office Organization Services
Designing and organizing physical workspaces so they are efficient and pleasant to work in
Assisting with organization of financial or income tax documents
Creating filing systems (physical or digital) so that you are able to maintain and locate documents
Follow up phone call 2 weeks after project completion
Orderly Outcomes Process Improvement

I can assist your business to run more smoothly through my process improvement services.  Process improvement involves an analysis of a current process and identifying what needs to change in order to achieve the desired result. 

Improving your invoicing process. If you are finding that you are always behind on invoicing, I will look at the current process you are using to invoice clients and identify ways to streamline or change the process to ensure you are invoicing consistently and on time.
Staying on top of email. I can review how you currently process your email and identify ways to prioritize the emails, create systems for following up to emails, and create filing systems within your email space so you can quickly find what you are looking for.
Organizing your receipts for easier and more efficient bookkeeping. If you are always looking for receipts to do your monthly bookkeeping, I can assist you with creating a custom system for keeping track of them, either physical or digital.
Orderly Outcomes Data Analysis

I provide data analysis services to help businesses answer a question they may have about their business. For example, a business may want to know what product or service was most profitable in a given year. I can analyze the financial data (physical or digital) to answer this question.

Residential & Business Organizing Packages

  • $65/hour in person
  • $600 10-hour in person package
  • $1100 20-hour in person package
  • $55/hour virtual

Memory Boxes

If you have memorabilia (family mementos, sports memorabilia, vacation memories, etc.), I can create a Memory Box so these items are out of the drawer and on a wall for you to enjoy.

During COVID-19, I can meet with you via conference call (eg. FaceTime, WhatsApp, FB Messenger) to discuss the style of memory box you would like and the cost. I can then pick up your memorabilia from your doorstep. I will use COVID-19 safe practices such as wearing gloves when handling your memorabilia. I will design the memory box and send photos before gluing anything down. I will then deliver the memory box back to your doorstep.

Memory Box Pricing

Please get in touch for an estimate.

The real beauty of life is in orderliness.

Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

3 Step Process

My professional organizing and consulting services focus on transforming physical spaces, digital spaces, and data into something organized, efficient, valuable, and orderly. I have a 3 step process for all organizing projects.


Firstly, I will do a needs analysis (over the phone, via email) to determine the specifics of their organizing challenges.

During the FREE 1-hour consultation, I will have a look at the physical or digital spaces and determine the desired outcome from the client. I will create a custom proposal which will outline the specifics of the time required, a plan, the cost of the project, and the agreed outcome.


I will provide the necessary tools and resources to carry out the customized plan. I am happy to accomodate a hands-on or a hands-off approach when organizing (nothing is discarded without client approval).

Organizing session lengths are customized to the client’s preferences. Flexibility is key to an organizing project.


Once the desired outcome has been achieved and the system is in place, maintenance is required in order to keep the system going. I will work with the client to develop a process to maintain the system going forward. I will be available as an ongoing resource to assist whenever required. Also, as a client’s needs or situation changes, the system may require updating. This is perfectly normal and to be expected. It’s OK to change a system if it is no longer working for you!

Client Testimonial

Debbie helped me immensely during a time I found myself absolutely overwhelmed and stuck.

My new corporate accountant required several years of past corporate tax returns filed by the previous accountant to be checked for discrepancies. It would have been many many hours to locate an accountant to do this and a huge expense. The only way to get through this was to take care of it myself but not only I was not only extremely anxious about how to do this and the possibility of improperly filed returns but also at a total loss at where even to begin. Debbie told me she may be able to help me even though she was not a certified accountant. She came in and within an extremely short time was able to come up with a practical and efficient way for us to gather the information required. It was very complicated but she was able to pull all the filed line items apart and balance it back to the accounting records to make it balance properly. Her calm and confident demeanor along with her amazing organization skills, quick thinking and ability to think outside of the box so to speak made pleasant and quick work of a task I had my doubts we would be successful in completing. She is so enjoyable to be around and work with I would recommend her to anyone needing help in organizing reorganizing or resolving things that many of us find difficult, stressful or just something you aren’t able to complete on your own.