my Services


I can help your business by:

  • designing and organizing physical work spaces so they are efficient and pleasant to work in.

  • improving your business processes and systems so your business runs more smoothly.

  • answering a question about your business through analysis of data or material.

  • assisting with organization of financial or income tax documents.

  • creating filing systems (physical or digital) so that you are able to maintain and locate documents.

Home Office

I can work with you to organize your home office by:

  • designing and organizing your home office space so it is more efficient and appealing to work in.

  • organizing your filing system.

  • assisting with organization of financial and income tax documents.

other home spaces

I can work with you to create processes and systems to help you with organization in the home. For instance:

  • creating a calendar system to ensure you’re on top of the family schedule.

  • creating a system for organizing and paying bills.

  • designing a home filing system to keep the paper in check.

  • designing a digital filing system for your computer

  • creating organized and pleasing closets and pantries.

  • assisting with preparing a home for sale

  • creating a system and storage solution for photos (physical and digital).

Before office picture.jpg
After office picture.jpg