Setting Realistic Expectations About Your Organizing Journey

Setting Realistic Expectations About Your Organizing Journey

Have you begun a journey to declutter, simplify and organize your life? Decluttering and organizing is hard work. You may find that you get frustrated about how long it is taking or that it doesn’t seem like you are making progress. This is perfectly natural.

Set realistic expectations about how long your journey will take!

Setting Realistic Expectations About Your Organizing Journey Helps Everyone!

One example of setting unrealistic expectations may be decluttering and organizing your garage. You may declare to the family at the beginning of a long weekend, “We’re going to organize the entire garage this weekend!” If your garage is chock full of items, it may take more than one long weekend to finish this task. So be honest with yourself in setting realistic expectations about your organizing journey.

Break your organizing journey up into rooms or zones. Get one zone or room completed before you move onto the next. This will also help you to get a better estimate of how long a zone or room is going to take.

Above all, go easy on yourself. Your organizing challenges didn’t develop overnight and aren’t going to be solved overnight. Take it one step, zone or room at a time and keep at it. You WILL get there – I promise.

If you are overwhelmed figuring out where to begin, enlist the help of friends or family. If you don’t want to do that, then consider reaching out to a Professional Organizer to get you started on your decluttering and organizing journey. We love helping people feel better about their spaces and gain more control over their lives.

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